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CCleaner is the ideal tool to erase all traces of your e-visits and file openings from your e-mails from your temporary folders. Your PC is like an unsung hero you continue to flog without giving a thought to its increasing burden of useless debris. Indeed, it tends to accumulate many un-used files and applications. Imagine a room that has not been cleared since ages. Your work space would be totally crammed up. The same happens to your PC as the silent workhorse gets slower with increasing ?junk-burden?. CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner) is a great utility that quietly cleans unused and temporary files from your system, without hampering your work. The inbuilt registry scanner removes old and unused entries, including file extensions, ActiveX Controls, uninstallers, shared DLLs, fonts, help files, application paths, icons, and invalid shortcuts. A useful system optimization and privacy tool, CCleaner enables your Windows to run faster and more efficiently, and also frees up valuable hard disk space. An extremely light download, CCleaner gets installed in less than a minute and you need not even restart the computer.

CCleaner is a free diagnostic tool for windows with a clean interface. Its fast scanning capacity is really helpful and you can choose which parts of your PC to clean and how to clean it too. CCleaner is known to detect hidden corrupt files in a computer, even those you could never find in your hard disc using normal search and scan functions. There is also a built-in registry scanner which identifies possible problems in the registry and fixes them. CCleaner can even back up your Registry before clean up, in case it accidentally removes a crucial component. Rather than entering Control Panel to use the Add / Remove Programs option, simply choose the programs to be removed and CCleaner does the rest.

CCleaner includes an optional Yahoo toolbar that you may involutarily choose to install along with the program, if you are not cautious enough. Installing this toolbar could trigger alerts from certain anti-spyware. Moreover, the registry scanning function of CCleaner is not deep enough and the software lacks a secure file shredder as well. Also, CCleaner does not support a large number of extraneous programs (as do some competitive utilities).

Overall, CCleaner is a good application, though it is still not ready for Windows Vista. An efficient tool, it is a must for all Windows users, and even though it is a freeware, it has no adware or spyware. All in all, CCleaner a great tonic for your computer. As it clearly shows what has been cleaned, you are re-assured that it will not delete valuable stuff.

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